Special Events

As people connect and work on projects together, screening opportunities are made available for seeing group members’ works.  Our annual showcases include a presentation in January to highlight a culmination of films created the previous year.


Educational opportunities such as scriptwriting, various aspect of filmmaking, and stunt work are held throughout each month. Learn more about these on our EDUCATE page!

Monthly Meetings

At 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month, members and guests of the Triad Film Collaborative are invited to the organizational meetings where they can network, have discussion, and plan projects.

Anyone who wants to manage one aspect of a project and pull a team together to create a film can get started at our meeting.

  • A person with a story idea can identify writers, producers, and directors
    • A writer who has a script can find camera operators and actors
    • Actors who want to learn about potential on-screen opportunities can network with filmmakers.

The possibilities are endless!

TFC will maintain a calendar to indicate which projects are underway in case people want to participate or take advantage of scheduling talent from one project to the next.

Members can also bring any issues, concerns, or questions regarding projects to discuss at the meeting. As a group, we’ll have the resources to brainstorm and problem-solve.

We’ll also highlight a specific topic for discussion at each meeting focusing on one step of producing a film.